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2 suspects arrested for crimes committed in Vanderbijlpark.

The Vanderbiljpark SAPS, together with various task force members arrested 2 suspects on Tuesday in connection with house robberies. A security vehicle observed a suspicious vehicle with two occupants in SE1 Vanderbijlpark and reported it on various crime platforms. It was immediately established that the occupants have just committed two crimes. The sector 3 management confirmed the suspicious vehicle was registered in the East Rand, and various task force members mobilised and observed escape routes. The vehicle was spotted driving at a high-speed - passing Vereeniging on the R59. A cat and mouse game started with traffic in-between while the task force member kept his distance as not to alarm the suspects, continuously updating their location on various Crime and SAPS platforms.

Backup from the East Rand joined in on the R59 near Brackendowns and the vehicle was tactically taken down.

The 2 occupants were arrested and stolen property was confiscated. The Vanderbijlpark Sector 3 CPF commended every member that played a part in this success, as a result of being observant, relaying correct information as quick as possible and the patience of the member - to just keep eyes until assistance arrived.

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