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A father from Sasolburg sentenced to 24 years for the rape of his daughter

Last Wednesday, the Sasolburg Regional Court sentenced a 37-year-old "devil-possessed" father to 24 years behind bars, because he repeatedly raped his 11-year-old daughter. According to the National Prosecuting Authority's regional spokesperson, Phaladi Shuping, the court heard how the man repeatedly raped his daughter between August 2020 and November 2021 at their home when her mother was absent. The mother noticed her daughter's unusual behavior, which also affected her academic performance, prompting the girl to tell her mother about the abuse. According to Shuping, the man pleaded guilty but refused to accept responsibility for the abuse, claiming he was possessed by "devils". The victim impact statement report prepared by the prosecutor revealed that the girl struggled academically because of the abuse and blamed herself. The prosecutor argued for a life sentence, but the defense lawyer pleaded for a shorter sentence because the man had shown remorse by admitting his crime.

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