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A Man is rescued from the Vaal River after spending the night in a tree

DENEYSVILLE - One of the members of the South African Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre has been rescued from a tree after his kayak capsized at the Vaal River. The National Sea Rescue Institute’s spokesperson Craig Lambinon says the 42-year-old man was reported missing yesterday while assisting in the rescue of birds and their eggs from trees in the flooded river. ER24 was called for medical standby after the NSRI were called to the river after two canoes capsized. Two people were able to make their way to the nearby banks while the man was swept further downriver. The NSRI immediately launched a rescue operation that lasted several hours, but was later called off. Once the search was started again yesterday morning, the NSRI spotted the man lying in a tree. The team was able to bring the man to the awaiting ER24 medics, who found that the man had escaped injury.


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