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A primary school in Sasolburg received a bomb threat yesterday

SASOLBURG - The Fonteine Primary School in Sasolburg, Vaal Triangle, were forced to evacuate pupils from their classrooms to an adjacent sports field after the school received a bomb threat yesterday, 26 August. In a letter to parents, the school’s principal, Mr. B. Le Roux, said Fonteine Primary School received a threat by e-mail yesterday. According to the letter, the SAPS were contacted immediately and they were on the scene within minutes. Le Roux said the school buildings were immediately evacuated and the police searched the school with the help of police dogs. However, he said it is gratifying to be able to say that nothing was found that endangered anyone. The principal commended the police for their outstanding service and said they were also involved yesterday afternoon during the adjournment of the learners and were also present this morning with the arrival of the learners and the start of the school day. Le Roux thanked parents for their understanding and assured them that their children’s safety will always be top priority.

PHOTOS: (Fonteine Primêr)

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