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A request was submitted for the water crisis in Parys be declared a local disaster.

AfriForum Parys last week, requested from the provincial as well as the national disaster management that the water crisis in Parys be declared a local disaster.

This was done because the state of Parys' water meets the definition of a disaster.

The application stems from the fact that the drinking water in Parys is contaminated with E.coli and the municipality is not making any effort to reverse the situation.

In addition to the fact that the water is unfit for human consumption, there are also parts of Parys where people have not had water in their taps for five years.

According to AfriForum, the cause of the disaster is man-made and can cause death, illness, and disruption of a community.

Alta Pretorius from Afriforum says that if the situation is declared a disaster, specific funds, resources and contingency plans can be put in place to improve the situation.

She added that all that is wanted is for all the residents of Parys to have access to clean drinking water in their taps, because it is their constitutional right.

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