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Another sluice gate opened at the Vaal Dam today

VAAL TRIANGLE - The Department of Water and Sanitation has issued a notice that another sluice gate was opened at the Vaal Dam today, 20 April 2022. According to the department, one more gate was opened at midday today. This comes after they yesterday opened one sluice gate at 10:00 and another also at midday. The department says this brings the total number of sluice gates open at the Vaal Dam to eight. The department’s Sputnick Ratau warned downstream communities about the imminent increase of outflow from the dam. He said residents are warned to steer clear of dam areas. He also urged communities with equipment in and near the dams to remove them so as to ensure that no damage is caused.

PHOTO: (Department of Water and Sanitation; @KvZA_Welna on Twitter; VB Hydrology)

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