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Army officially withdrawing from the Vaal River Project on Friday

VAAL TRIANGLE - National Defence Force personnel and equipment will on Friday be withdrawn from the Vaal River Project which started in October 2018. Over 500 soldiers took part in the project on a rotational basis providing a range of engineering skills to clean up the Vaal River System. They have unblocked a sewage system that was clogged up, resulting in spillages. Seven pump stations are now operational with another 24 functioning, but still requiring some attention. A government entity specialising in wastewater treatment, East Rand Water Care Company (Erwat), was appointed late in 2019 to take over and build on the work started by the SANDF. Erwat MD Tumelo Gopane said a lot of wastewater networks in Vereeniging had been cleared and this resulted in the increase of water flow to the wastewater treatment plants. He said before the sewage systems were unblocked, only 20% of wastewater could reach the treatment plants, and 80% of sewage flowed into streets, veld and the Vaal River. PHOTO: (defenceWeb)

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