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ATM bombed at Lefelong Café in Bophelong during break-in

BOPHELONG - The SAPS is searching for an unknown number of suspects following a business robbery in Bophelong, Vaal Triangle, last night. According to Vaal Journal, the Lefelong Café Pub & Restaurant in Bophelong lost many valuables as a result of the break-in. Lefelong said in a statement on its Facebook page that an ATM was bombed, while the cash register tablets, the sound system, a smart TV and alcohol to the value of R35,760 were stolen. All cash registers were also forcefully opened. The Pub & Restaurant urged the community to help with tracking down the suspects. It requested anyone with information that can help capture the culprits to inform them on their Facebook page or by coming to the Pub.

PHOTOS: (Lefelong Café Pub & Restaurant)


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