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Convicted murderer of Vanderbijlpark dies in prison.

Fanie du Preez, who was sentenced to 94 years in prison in December 2016 for the murder of his family from Vanderbiljpark, died in custody.

Du Preez shot and killed his wife, Thea and two children, Carlia and Phillip, in the early hours of 3 December 2015 in their home in Vanderbijlpark.

90.6FM reported at the time that Du Preez's mother testified that he had a relationship with another woman and that the Du Preez's argued the night before the murder about their house, which had to be sold.

Judge Hennie de Vos said during the verdict that Du Preez was fully responsible but that he never accepted responsibility for his actions and that he constantly tried to place the blame on someone else.

According to De Vos at the time, the murders were senseless and committed entirely out of selfishness.

The manner in which Du Preez succumbed is still unknown. The public received the news of Du Preez's death with mixed feelings.

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