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Covid-19 vaccine for vulnerable children available next year

VAAL TRIANGLE - Health Minister Joe Phaahla announced that from 2023 all children between 5- and 11-years-old, who are at risk of getting serious Covid-19, will be able to receive the vaccine. In a press conference on Thursday, the Minister of Health, explained these children will be offered two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, with a 21-day interval between the two doses. This will include children with chronic respiratory, heart, neurological, kidney, liver and gastrointestinal conditions as well as those with certain endocrine disorders, conditions associated with immune suppression and severe genetic abnormalities. Phaahla also announced that South Africa has overtaken the 38-million notch for Covid-19 vaccines since the roll-out of the program began. According to the minister, the Covid-19 vaccination is now integrated with primary health care services as the government has closed the majority of special vaccination sites. He told the media that the target remains to reach 70% of the adult population with a specific focus on reaching elderly and vulnerable groups. He explained that adults between the ages of 18 and 49 are eligible to receive three doses, while those 50 years and older qualify to receive four doses.

PHOTO: (Supplied)

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