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CPF Vanderbijlpark apprehends driver of hijacked vehicle

VANDERBIJLPARK - The CPF Vanderbijlpark Sector 3 says the driver of a hijacked vehicle was apprehended over the weekend and will appear in court soon. The group said in a statement they received information from a confidential informant on Friday about a possible hijacked vehicle at a car-wash in Sector 3 of Vanderbijlpark. Information was relayed to the Vanderbijlpark SAPS Task Team, while patrollers assisted in keeping observation with the SAPS members. The CPF says a driver came and took the vehicle and a tactical take-down was executed together with members in "marked" SAPS vehicles. It was established that the vehicle was fitted with false number plates and reported as hijacked last month in the Johannesburg area. The CPF said the driver will appear in court soon and investigations are ongoing.

PHOTO: (CPF Vanderbijlpark Sector 3)

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