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DA calls for intervention at dysfunctional library in Sebokeng

SEBOKENG - The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Emfuleni conducted an oversight visit to Zone 13 library in Sebokeng following numerous complaints from community members over the operation and unavailability of staff members at the library. DA Emfuleni Mayoral candidate, Dady Mollo, said in statement they visited the library last week, and saw that the library is in a dysfunctional state as there is no management system in place to manage staff members because senior managers are available on a rotational basis. He said staff members allegedly arrive late to work and community members sometimes find the library locked when it should be open. Staff members also leave early before closing time, leaving security guards to oversee the operation of the library. Mollo said they also saw that books on shelves are outdated and don’t support the current curriculum for learners and students, leaving students with no alternative to do research and other school work. There is no stable internet connectivity available for the public. Mollo said the DA will table questions in Council to determine the exact number of staff members hired at the library, the reporting processes and operational procedure. They will also request Council and the Municipal Manager’s office to implement remedial actions to improve the state of the library, by amending the reporting duty lines, managing staff punctuality and ensuring the cleanup of the library.

PHOTOS: (Dady Mollo)

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