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DA says Emfuleni municipal offices are closed due to failures of ANC’s coalition of corruption

VANDERBIJLPARK - The DA in the Vaal Region says it notes the disruptive and avoidable closure of the offices of the Emfuleni Local Municipality in Vanderbijlpark due unmet rental payment obligations by the municipality. DA Vaal Regional Chair, Dennis Ryder MP, said in a statement that Emfuleni residents were taken aback on Monday by the appearance of a notice attached to the municipal offices of the Emfuleni Local Municipality in Vanderbijlpark, indicating that the offices will be “locked and inaccessible from 13/03/2023 until further notice”. The notice further indicates that this is by order of the landlord and due to the non-payment of rental. Ryder says information relayed to DA councillors indicate that these offices are rented by the municipality for R1 500 000 per month and that rental payments are in arrears for the last three months. He says the closure of this facility is of great concern to the people of Emfuleni as these offices are where residents go to pay their rates and taxes, and where service consumption municipal accounts are managed and related queries attended to administratively.

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