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DA urges residents to object to misleading Emfuleni property value increase

VAAL TRIANGLE - The Democratic Alliance (DA) urged Emfuleni residents to inspect the valuation roll and familiarise themselves with the amount their properties are valued for by Emfuleni Local Municipality and put up their objections where there are misrepresentations. The party said in a statement that the increase in the valuation of properties is a way for Emfuleni to increase the rates and taxes and an attempt for the municipality to increase its monthly revenue. It said although a property may be valued for a certain amount by Emfuleni, that is not necessarily the selling price you will receive for your property. According to the DA, Emfuleni Local Municipality can’t guarantee residents the increase in their property value when they want to sell and should rather decrease the current valuation to a market-related value. The party says it is no secret that Emfuleni fails to deliver basic services which also has an impact on the value of these properties, a factor the municipality seems to be ignoring in their valuation. DA councillors will be available to assist residents who want to object to the valuation of their properties to get the correct assessment of their properties. PHOTO: (Supplied)

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