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DA warns against uneconomical use of resources to upgrade infrastructure at Suikerbosrand Reserve.

The DA criticized the Gauteng Premier in a statement yesterday, for the lack of clarity of where the budget would come from to upgrade the infrastructure and payment of more than 400 staff members assigned to restore the infrastructure at the Suikerbosrand Nature reserve. According to the DA, this reserve was at a point in the past functional but has been struggling to meet its full potential as a tourist destination and a source of revenue, due to the poor management by the Gauteng government. The DA’s Alan Fuchs says a failed project to install a water pipeline by the dysfunctional Infrastructure department resulted in the reserve closing its doors because of the fire risk brought about by the lack of water. Besides the water project, an additional cost for restoring other infrastructure was estimated at approximately R120 million. According to the DA, these project skills do not exist in the public sector in Gauteng. Another risk this reserve presents is the poor security situation where fences are often damaged or stolen by unauthorised individuals. The DA says this is another example of the government’s uneconomical use of valuable resources to achieve short-term political objectives.

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