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Damage to pipeline, adjacent buildings and pipe structure after Amsa explosion

VANDERBIJLPARK - ArcelorMittal South Africa has confirmed that an unused gas line exploded at its Vanderbijlpark Works at approximately 20:00 on Wednesday, 8 April 2020. The company’s Tami Didiza said in a statement that the explosion caused damage to around 15m of the pipeline and some damage to adjacent buildings and pipe structures. However, Didiza confirmed that no one was injured during the explosion as the plant is currently under care and maintenance due to the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown. She said the area was immediately made safe and all associated systems isolated. Restoration on the affected segment of the pipeline will begin immediately. Currently, the coke batteries are operating within the regulations of the lockdown and the restart of the blast furnaces and other operations after the lockdown period will continue as planned.

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