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Demolition of illegal buildings in Elandsfontein by Midvaal municipality

MIDVAAL - The Midvaal Local Municipality says it has over the past two years warned members of the public about an illegal housing development taking place on Portion 116 of the Farm Elandsfontein 334 IQ by Ntha Property Developers. Midvaal MMC for Development and Planning, Cllr Lynda Parsonson, said in a statement the developer of this illegal housing development (Ntha Property Developers) was requested by the municipality to cease all construction activities and comply with the necessary Town Planning and Building Control development processes but failed to do so. Due to the non-compliance, illegality and risks associated with this development, the Municipality followed the correct litigation processes and successfully obtained an order from the Court to demolish the illegal housing structures on site. At the end of last month, various housing structures in this illegal housing development were demolished by the Municipality in conjunction with the Sherriff of the Court. Parsonson urged members of the public to always confirm the status of any suspicious housing developments prior to purchasing with the Municipality, so that they do not fall prey to these developers.

Midvaal Local Municipality has a zero tolerance towards illegal housing developments that take advantage of vulnerable people in need of housing. These Developers do not want to follow due processes that ensures the safety of occupiers, availability of infrastructure and confirmation of structural suitability of the buildings for occupation by the Municipality.

PHOTO: (Midvaal Municipality)

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