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Driver killed after car crashes into a bridge in Vereeniging

VEREENIGING - One person was killed when their light motor vehicle crashed into a bridge on the R42 Barrage Road outside of Vereeniging yesterday. ER24 said in a statement they arrived on scene with other emergency services just at 12:30 in the afternoon to find a light motor vehicle smashed against a concrete bridge support well alight. The Provincial Fire Services began to battle the blaze while the local authorities began to divert traffic. Once the blaze had been extinguished, medics found the driver’s body trapped in the vehicle. According to the emergency service the driver had already succumbed to their injuries. Nothing more could be done, and the driver was declared dead on the scene. The exact details surrounding this incident are unknown, but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations. PHOTO: (ER24)

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