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Emfuleni and service provider blame each other as parts of Vanderbijlpark left in the dark for days.

VANDERBIJLPARK - Residents of CE1 in Vanderbijlpark, has been plunged into darkness for seven consecutive days. The residents say they never had electricity problems before the smart meters were installed in the area. Speaking to The Citizen, one of the residents said the last seven days have been a nightmare for him and his neighbours. According to the resident, the municipality denies that they received any complaints that the BXCSA smart meter box has a problem despite proof being produced of numerous calls that have been logged. Speaking to the Citizen, an employee from BXCSA, who is the prepaid electricity service provider in the area, said by protocol, all issues need to be solved by ELM. They added that to their knowledge, there are no smart meter consumers that are without electricity due to a smart meter fault however, that ELM is busy with electricity cuts due to outstanding accounts. Emfuleni spokesperson Mphikeleli Msibi was contacted for comment but is yet to respond to questions as he is awaiting responses from the municipality’s finance department. Msibi did however say, as part of their revenue enhancement programme every house in Emfuleni should be metered.

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