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Emfuleni commencing with back billing of by-passed smart meters

VAAL TRIANGLE - The Emfuleni Local Municipality says it has commenced with back billing its by-passed electricity smart meter customers for the period from August to December 2019. The municipality said in a statement in the case where the municipality has information of purchase by a customer for more than eight months, an average monthly consumption rate will be used to determine the billing amount. However, where no information on consumption could be obtained, the value of 800 units as stipulated in the by-law will be used. ELM advised customers to settle their accounts. It urged customers who are having difficulties with paying their accounts to make a special arrangement with the municipality. For more information, residents can contact Emfuleni’s Customer Care Office on 016 950 5109 or visit the walk-in centre at 57 President Kruger Street in Vanderbijlpark. PHOTO: (Emfuleni Local Municipality)

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