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Emfuleni concerned by slow response by rate payers regarding the 30- 50% utilities discount

VAAL TRIANGLE - The Emfuleni Local Municipality is concerned by the slow response by ratepayers regarding the 30- 50% utilities discount. During its Council sitting of the 31st August 2021, the municipality resolved on a Revenue Incentive scheme that is aimed at easing the financial burden on ratepayers due to tough economic times fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic. Eligible residential ratepayers can receive a 50% debt write-off and 30% write-off for businesses. This resolution was taken in order to ensure that all Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) property owners whose municipal accounts are in arrears be brought back into good standing. To qualify, all ratepayers will have to enter into an arrangement with the municipality to settle outstanding debt. Ratepayers are further expected to keep their current municipal accounts updated by paying the agreed amounts on time, failure to comply with this condition will lead to the cancellation of the agreement.

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