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Emfuleni fails to pay officials’ benefits contributions in December

VANDERBIJLPARK - As a result of its dire financial situation, the Emfuleni Local Municipality failed to pay its officials' medical, unemployment insurance and pension fund contributions to the relevant institutions in December last year. According to a statement by Freedom Front Plus’ Gerda Senekal this follows Eskom being granted an attachment order on Emfuleni's current back account for outstanding power debt. To date, Emfuleni has not entered into an official repayment agreement with Eskom, and the energy supplier is now threatening to sell the Municipality's moveable assets on 20 January. Senekal says the FF Plus foresees that if the Municipality continues to ignore Eskom, there is a strong possibility that officials and councillors will also not receive their salaries at the end of January. Years of maladministration of the Municipality have finally caught up with the ANC. Under the ANC, Emfuleni has turned into a dilapidated municipality unable to provide service delivery because there is no equipment nor officials to provide services. Senekal adds the FF Plus warned the Municipality and the Gauteng Legislature on numerous occasions that the Municipality will be forced to close its doors if decisive action is not taken. FF Plus claims the only way to save Emfuleni is to take the Municipality from the ANC's hands and give it to a political party or parties that will put residents' interests first. Meanwhile, Emfuleni residents are being punished for the ANC government's incompetence and lack of political will to make a success of the Municipality. PHOTOS: (FF Plus; ELM)

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