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Emfuleni for Change joining court action to prevent shutdown of electricity supply to Emfuleni

VAAL TRIANGLE - Emfuleni for Change NPC (EfC) says it will join in Eskom’s court action against the Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) to try and avoid a total collapse of the electricity supply to ELM. EfC CEO Gerhard Janse van Rensburg said in a statement that it appears to not be generally known that Eskom has decided to discontinue the electricity supply to Emfuleni and is only stopped from doing so by virtue of a court order. Eskom has however given an indication that it may withdraw its original decision and still discontinue the electricity supply to Emfuleni due to ELM not having a payment plan in place with Eskom, and ELM not making payments to Eskom of the funds it receives from consumers. Janse van Rensburg said Eskom will be supported by industry and civil society and the EfC is well-positioned to fulfill that role because it has seven permanent members representative of businesses and residents from Emfuleni. He urged the community to assist the non-profit EfC financially in any way they can to cover legal costs of between R500,000 and R750,000 that will be required. Find the full statement and details on how you can assist below.


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