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Emfuleni implements stage 2 water restrictions with immediate effect

VAAL TRIANGLE - Rand Water implemented stage 2 water restrictions on all bulk customer meters, including in Vaal Triangle areas. Operations General Manager of Rand Water, Simon Xaba, said a significant increase in water consumption over the past two weeks resulted in a decline of the overall reservoir storage capacity from 52% to 38%. In the meantime, Emfuleni Municipality also issued a statement yesterday of an emergency water supply interruption. Emfuleni stated that stage 2 restrictions will be implemented with immediate effect, due to increased consumption. Implementation will occur across the five systems including Eikenhof, Palmiet, Mapleton, Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, and Sasolburg. According to the Municipality, the restriction is to ensure the reservoir storage capacity recovers back to 60%. The municipality apologised for the inconvenience and encouraged the residents to reduce consumption by using water for basic essentials only to prevent implementation of further restriction stages.

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