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Emfuleni is not under administration of the Gauteng government anymore

VAAL TRIANGLE - The Emfuleni Local Municipality says it is now confirmed that the municipality is no longer under administration. ELM says this comes after the Gauteng Provincial Cabinet met and resolved that ELM be taken out of Section 139 (1) (b) & (5) (a). Emfuleni has been under administration since 2018. The Gauteng provincial government has been providing support to Emfuleni in terms of section 154 of the Constitution as a mechanism to help improve the financial viability and dire service delivery situation in the municipality. Emfuleni says the decision taken by the provincial government means that the ELM will no longer require Administrators to authorize decisions at the municipality and the Emfuleni Council will now take full responsibility as a municipal authority. The Executive Mayor of Emfuleni, Cllr Sipho Radebe, has welcomed this decision. ELM said although progress has been made, some challenges persist. The Executive Mayor and his team are dedicated to ensuring there is good governance, stabilizing the municipal finances and restoring public confidence through a provision of proper service delivery.

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