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Emfuleni’s vehicles are being repossessed by the sheriff

BREAKING: Various reports are doing the rounds that municipal vehicles of the Emfuleni Local Municipality are being repossessed by the sheriff today. Photos and videos on social media show tow trucks taking away municipal vehicles from Emfuleni premises. Reports received indicate that at least the Duncanville depot as well as Vanderbijlpark has been affected. Some reports state that Eskom is the party responsible for the repossession, but Klippies Kritzinger from the Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce told the 90.6 FM News Team that this might have something to do with an internal labour dispute. The News Team will report on the details as soon as it can be confirmed. No communication from ELM itself on the situation has been issued so far.

UPDATE: Kritzinger has since confirmed that Eskom is the party repossessing the vehicles. However, he says a labour dispute is also on the cards.

PHOTOS: (Facebook)

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