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Emfuleni SOMA postponed as Evaton residents demand electricity supply be restored

EVATON - According to latest reports, the Emfuleni Local Municipality’s State of the Municipality Address (SOMA) will not continue today as planned. This comes as Evaton residents barricaded the Wilberforce venue where the address was supposed to start at 09:00 this morning. Vaal Times reports that the Evaton community says their main issue is electricity and that the SOMA will not go ahead if their electricity is not restored today. The 90.6 FM News Team understands that the power has been off in certain parts of Evaton for at least two months now. According to the Vaal Times, the Emfuleni Mayor, Cllr Sipho Radebe, and his team is currently in negotiations with the community at a local church. The event has reportedly been postponed and a new date will be announced.

PHOTOS: (Vaal Times)

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