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Energy expert says possibility of load shedding cannot be ruled out after Medupi blast

VAAL TRIANGLE - Energy analyst, Chris Yelland, says the possibility of load shedding cannot be ruled out. This follows the explosion at the Medupi power station, in Limpopo, on Sunday night. Eskom suspended two workers and four drivers pending an investigation into the incident. The power utility says preliminary investigations show that employees who were at work at the time of the incident deviated from the procedure. Two operators and four managers have so far been suspended. Eskom says air was introduced into the generator to try to find a leak, while a large quantity of hydrogen gas was still present in the system. Yelland says poor training, inexperienced workers and incompetence may have contributed to the incident. However, he also said the explosion at the power plant could've been much worse. Yelland told Moneyweb that taking Medupi’s 720 megawatts out of the grid in certain circumstances – when demand for electricity is high or when the availability of other generation units is low – could push one over the edge. He said this is not to say we’re going to have load shedding tomorrow, but it is to say that it does increase the likelihood of load shedding, because a certain amount is taken out of service for an extended period.

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