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Eskom denies request by Emfuleni to release their bank accounts

VANDERBIJLPARK - Eskom has denied a request by the Emfuleni Local Municipality to release their bank accounts and assets. Eskom’s Senior Manager in retail, Mpumelelo Mnyani, said in a statement that although Eskom understands the challenges the Municipality is facing to honour financial commitments and obligations, it has taken Eskom a considerable amount of time and cost to get this matter to the current juncture. During this period various engagements with the Municipality to settle the matter failed, and as the Municipality did not honour monthly accounts, it resulted in an increase in overdue debt that negatively impacted Eskom's cash flow. To date, the Municipality has not agreed to any payment proposals or agreements offered to the Municipality. Eskom has consulted and confirms that it stands by its position in that the Municipality bank accounts will remain attached until such time as a suitable agreement has been reached on the repayment of the debt. Eskom states it cannot continue with the supply of electricity whilst there is no payment commitment on the part of the municipality. Mnyani states the Municipality has been informed that if the required conditions are not met or agreed to by 20 January 2023, the sheriff will be instructed to continue with the selling of the assets. PHOTO: (Eskom)

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