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Evaton and Sebokeng communities requested to lower water consumption

EVATON & SEBOKENG - The Emfuleni Local Municipality is requesting the Evaton and Sebokeng communities to lower their water consumption. In a statement the municipality said they are aware of water supply challenges affecting consumers in Evaton and parts of Sebokeng. This is due to low water levels at Rand Water's Langerand Reservoir and increasing water demand on account of the heat wave. Reservoir levels have been fluctuating between 20 and 24% since Thursday last week when Rand Water systems were affected by power failures. Yesterday, the Langerand reservoir was 20% full and not improving due to increased consumption. Affected consumers are notified that the municipality has a limited number of water tankers and as a result, tankers will be dispatched as mobile stations to different areas as requests are submitted by Ward Counselors. Consumers who have water supply are advised to use it for domestic consumption only until the system stabilizes. Watering of gardens and hosing down of cars must be avoided at all costs. Emfuleni Local Municipality apologizes for the inconvenience. PHOTO: (Supplied)

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