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FF Plus helps to prevent land grabs in Vanderbijlpark

VANDERBIJLPARK - The FF Plus says swift action by its politicians and security services prevented 50 squatters from illegally occupying an unused piece of land next to Andries Potgieter Drive in Vanderbijlpark last week. Emfuleni councillor Gerda Senekal says this serves as a shining example of how people should work together to prevent land grabs. Senekal says the FF Plus was quick to arrive at the scene after residents asked the party to intervene because numerous incidents of land grabs had occurred in the area over the past year. Within hours, the illegal land occupation was prevented with the aid of the Emfuleni law-enforcement unit, the police and the community. The FF Plus is concerned that state land and private properties may be continually targeted by those who want to take the law into their own hands. Property owners frequently have to approach the courts to help them stop land grabs, incurring great legal expenses.

PHOTO: (FF Plus)

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