FF Plus in Emfuleni confirms new municipal banking details

VAAL TRIANGLE - The FF Plus in Emfuleni has confirmed that the latest change in banking details announced by the Emfuleni Local Municipality is indeed verified and correct. The FF Plus’ Gerda Senekal yesterday said on her Facebook page that the Emfuleni Finance Department is still in the process of notifying all third parties like Pick 'n Pay and Checkers via email to submit the new account information. Senekal hopes this will be completed by the end of the week. In the meantime, she advises those who normally pay at these third-party outlets to first ask if they have the new FNB details before paying. Senekal assured those residents who already paid into the old Standard Bank account that the payment will still reflect on Emfuleni’s system. She said from November 2020 payments can be made into the new FNB account. Find below the official Emfuleni statement with the correct banking details.

PHOTO: (Emfuleni Local Municipality)

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