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Full update on power outage in Vanderbijlpark

VANDERBIJLPARK - The Emfuleni Local Municipality says it is aware of the power outages affecting Vanderbijlpark since early morning. It said in a statement at around 7:15 this morning that technicians have been dispatched to investigate and restore supply. At around 10:00, AfriForum Vanderbijlpark posted an update from Cllr. Pieter Smith, that said Eskom isolated supply to ELM at 09:00 and ELM was still busy with faultfinding. By 10:40 the ELM Electrical Control Room said ELM was waiting for Eskom to switch on before switching can proceed on ELM side. The latest update posted by AfriForum states that areas that went off in the early morning hours are most likely supplied by cables and or / substations that were part of the root cause of the overall power failure today. The organisation’s Andries Visagie said this means that such areas will remain off until ELM can also locate and identify the specific faults. Such faults typically affect multiple streets and larger areas. He said if you are the only house off in a street, the problem is very likely between your house and the closest DP. Visagie says this is very often due to the bad illegal wire bridges or other hot connections, or sometimes also the cable between your house and the DP. He said it is impossible to give an ETR for this.

PHOTO: (AfriForum Vanderbijlpark)

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