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Gauteng to deploy helicopter-sized drones to help fight crime.

Gauteng Premier, Panyaza Lesufi says they are in the process of acquiring helicopter-size drones to monitor Gauteng. Lesufi said, each and every corner of Gauteng, including the Vaal Triangle, will be under the supervision of high-definition face recognition and motion detecting CCTVs. According to Lesufi, 180 helicopter-size drones are being procured, which will fly over Gauteng to monitor what is happening in the province, with a communication network of six helicopters which will allow each and every region to have its own helicopter to take off when there is a criminal activity taking place. Lesufi added that the process of recruiting 6000 young people will start this week. These trainees will confront criminals while they are training. He added they will receive an average of R4000 each.

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