Government tightens transport regulations for level 4 lockdown

VAAL TRIANGLE - Government this week gazetted new regulations for vehicle owners and public transport during the latest phase of the national lockdown. Regulations released on Monday specified that no vehicles – either private or public transport – were allowed on the roads outside of 05:00 to 20:00, with a grace period of an hour, "to complete a journey", to 21:00. However yesterday, transport minister Fikile Mbalula gazetted a change to that regulation. Now, public transport - which includes minibus taxis - can operate from 05:00 to 19:00 only, with no mention of a grace period. Instead, the driver must ensure that the drop off is completed by 19:00. The section governing the permitted times of private vehicles on the road has been deleted by the same amendment. This presumably means that private car owners can be on the road only until 20:00 when the national curfew starts. Public transport will only be allowed outside of these hours if it is a chartered service for Level 4 workers, which has been arranged by an employer. The transport owners will have to present documentation to confirm this.

Meanwhile… Many motorists are currently concerned about driving with expired vehicle or drivers’ licenses. But the only drivers who can expect fines are those who did not renew their licenses before the first lockdown announcement in March. The chairperson of Justice Project South Africa Howard Dembovsky says the new level four regulations do make allowances for a grace period. PHOTO: (Supplied)

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