Hijackers target Emfuleni Local Municipality staff members.

The Emfuleni Local Municipality has called for a major intervention program, including intelligence and camera surveillance, by the community and business sector to tackle the rise against ELM vehicles and service providers. This comes after a senior manager was shot and seriously wounded last week. According to the Municipal Manager, Lucky Leseane, a fellow senior manager was recently shot in his house and seriously wounded by hijackers who took a vehicle, and two other ELM vehicles were also hijacked. Leseane says, if allowed to continue unchallenged, the rise in attacks is seen as a serious threat to service delivery and the Vaal River Sewage Pollution Intervention Project managed by Rand Water It raises the possibility of serious infrastructure collapse over the coming Festive season throughout the region. Intelligence and security experts said, it is clear that not only the ELM staff but also the entire community is currently facing a serious and growing emerging threat, which aims to obtain cash, firearms and vehicles to managing yet further attacks. The latest modus operandi of the gang or gangs in question is to gain access to homes by pretending to be smart-meter staff.

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