Hijackers in the Vaal Triangle use new modus operandi.

The Vanderbiljpark SAPS has issued a warning to make residents aware of a new trend in hijacking. Warrant Officer Piet Smit says an old trend in hijacking is for a person to pass you by indicating that something is wrong with your vehicle and when you pull over, you are hijacked. According to Smit, criminals have realized that people no longer fall for this tactic as before. They now use more than one vehicle that passes you and indicates that there is something wrong with your car. In a recent incident in the Vaal Triangle, three cars were used to indicate to the victim that there was something wrong with his car, after which the victim was pulled over and hijacked. Smit advised residents, that if someone indicates that there is a problem with your vehicle while you are driving, to immediately turn on your WhatsApp's live location, drive more slowly, in case there really is something wrong with your vehicle, and not to stop until you find yourself in a safe place.

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