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House for abandoned babies in Vaalpark launches a charity challenge to gain funds and necessities

VAAL TRIANGLE - A 30-Day Charity Challenge has been launched in aid of Angel Wings House for Abandoned Babies in Vaalpark. Angel Wings is an NPO created to care for abandoned or unwanted babies from newborn until approximately 6 years of age. Owner and founder of Angel Wings, Maryke Pretorius, told the 90.6FM Stereo Newsteam that the house is currently full and the need is great. Pretorius said that in an attempt to gain funds and necessities for the house, they have launched a 30-Day Charity Challenge for all pre-schools, daycare centers, ECD's and creches in order to collect funds and products such as nappies, food, formula, cleaning products, wet wipes and baby toiletries. According to the National Adoption Coalition, it is estimated that about 3,500 children are abandoned on an annual basis in South Africa and the current lockdown situation has led to more babies being abandoned due to a loss of income.

PHOTO: (Angel Wings House for Abandoned Babies)

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