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Gauteng residents have been told to inform police if they’re holding funerals and weddings. It forms part of new measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Gauteng Community Safety MEC, Faith Mazibuko, says this requirement is not meant to infringe on people’s beliefs or religious expression but should be adhered to as required by law.

Police Minister Bheki Cele at a media briefing today appeared to contradict information that had been gazetted yesterday about restaurants and other establishments having to close early during the Covid-19 state of disaster. Government gazetted that all establishments that sell alcohol will have to close at 6pm each day and at 1pm on Sundays and public holidays. They can only open again at 9am. Establishment management and owners cried out that they would not survive if they could not even serve food or non-alcoholic beverages after 6pm. They argued it could potentially put hundreds of thousands of people out of work overnight. Cele said what the police would enforce was that alcohol could not be purchased or served in these public places after the set times. Alcohol could only be consumed privately, at home after the restricted time. He clarified that the restriction would also apply to Saturdays at 1pm. Liquor stores will have to keep the same hours. This has come into effect as part of the Disaster Management Act.

Government has just announced strict new regulations to prevent steep price increases during the coronavirus crisis. According to new regulations as part of the Disaster Management Act, signed by the minister of trade and industry Ebrahim Patel on Thursday, companies are not allowed to hike prices for a list of goods by more than the increases in the cost to produce these products. They are also not allowed to hike their profit margins on these products to above the average mark-ups during the three months to 1 March 2020. Patel says there has been a spike in stockpiling. All retailers will be required to limit the number of goods sold per consumer. PHOTOS: (sacoronavirus)

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