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Initiation leaders storm Evaton police station

EVATON - The Evaton police station was stormed by a group of initiation leaders on Tuesday evening, following an illegal initiation school clamp down. Police Spokesperson, Sergeant Shaan Motsapi, says, following a tip off on four missing boys, the SAPS and Sedibeng Initiation Traditional Surgeons Committee raided a mountain school on the N1, and rescued the four missing boys together with 23 other boys being harboured illegally. According to Motsapi, initiation chiefs followed the police convoy in an attempt to forcefully take back the boys. Chaos followed as cops battled with armed leaders who randomly shot at the police station and damaged a vehicle belonging to an officer. The boys joined in and left with their leaders back to the mountain. Motsapi says the SAPS is not enforcing the clamp downs, but in this case attended to complaints on missing boys reported by their families. A case of malicious damage was opened and one person was arrested. The Sedibeng Initiation Traditional Surgeons Committee says they will continue to enforce the law and make sure that this age-old tradition is saved from the hands of unscrupulous individuals.

PHOTO: (SedibengSter)

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