Latest on water situation in Vanderbijlpark - 7 June 2021

Emfuleni Councillor Gerda Senekal this afternoon said in a statement that the original water leak at the Westinghouse Blvd/R42 intersection in Vanderbijlpark that has been repaired over the weekend, has started leaking again. Senekal said a decision has been made that the water reservoirs will be allowed to fill up before repair work will start. She said unfortunately this will also take time as the network is completely empty and therefore a day or so will be given for reservoirs to fill so residents can at least have water while they start with repairs. Meanwhile, Senekal also said another leak was reported this morning, but this was fortunately only a valve that was excessively opened. This valve has in the meantime been closed. Emfuleni’s councilor Peter Verbeek also confirmed that the leak at corner Westinghouse Blvd/R42 is leaking again, but said the leak near Vaal Mall was to relieve the pressure. He said for the CW and CE areas there is one water tanker currently available. Schedule of water points: CW areas: 1) CW 1: Johann Heynes Community Health Clinic 2) CW 2/CW 3: Oliver Lodge Primary School: Lodge Street 3) CW 4: Oreco Supermarket: 7A SFG Gie Street 4) CW 6: Totius Primary School: Gilchrist Street 5) CW 5: Stephenson Spar: Stephenson Street

CE areas: 1) CBD, CE 1, CE 6 and CE 5: Suiderlig High School: Jan van Riebeeck Blvd 2) CE 2, CE 3, CE 4: Pick-'n-Pay: Everest Street

Verbeek said the water tanker will start at Johann Heynes and when refilled will go to the next point. He said times are difficult to indicate as we have no idea as to how the tank’s filling, the driving, etc will take. He urged residents that are able to assist the community with borehole water to please indicate so.

PHOTOS: (Facebook, Gerda Senekal, Emfuleni Local Municipality)

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