Metismaholo says attacks on infrastructure are getting out of hand

SASOLBURG - The Metsimaholo Local Municipality in the Free State says attacks on its infrastructure are getting out of hand. In a statement on their Facebook page, the Metsimaholo Local Municipality informs residents that there has been an increase in attacks on municipal infrastructure. Ward 17 in Sasolburg, which includes the Rosemarie area, was left without electricity as a result of theft and vandalism at its electrical substation. The municipality's electricity department is assessing the damage at the substation and working hard to restore the power supply. Metsimaholo says this is the third attack that has taken place within the municipality this week, after power poles in Iraq, France and Amelia were cut down. MLM says these attacks are costing the municipality millions of rands and negatively impact their service delivery.

PHOTOS: (Metsimaholo Local Municipality)

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