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Midvaal celebrates Arbour Day today with the launch of four new parks

MIDVAAL - The Midvaal Local Municipality Mayor Alderman Peter Teixeira is celebrating Arbour Day today by launching four recently upgraded and developed parks. Midvaal spokesperson, Idah Satikhe, said in a statement this initiative aims to provide residents of Midvaal with improved outdoor spaces that are safe and enhance their quality of life. Satikhe said the event will feature demonstrations on the proper use of outdoor gym and playpark equipment, conducted by invited Aerobics Clubs, with community participation encouraged to join in the utilization and enjoyment of these facilities. In addition to this, the Executive Mayor will lead a tree-planting ceremony and perform ribbon-cutting duties. He will be accompanied by his Mayoral Committee, various stakeholders, and municipal staff. She said the launch and establishment of these parks demonstrate Midvaal’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of its community through the creation of accessible and enjoyable public spaces.

VIDEO: (Midvaal)

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