Midvaal Local Municipality reviews its Labour Registration Process

MIDVAAL - The Midvaal Local Municipality says it has reviewed the labour registration process to be more transparent and fair to residents. MMC for Corporate Services, Cllr Chantal Gomes, said in a statement effective from 01 July 2022, the existing database is obsolete. Gomes said this is primarily because, since the inception of the labour register, there are 7943 registrations recorded on the database, approximately 11% of these registrations benefitting from temporary, relief, seasonal work opportunities since its commencement, in 2015. She said the vast number of registrations far surpassed the ability of the municipality to accommodate applicants and provide work opportunities. According to Gomes, this unfortunately does not address the need of Midvaal communities, and therefore the process and policy necessitated review. The review includes digitising and aligning EPWP, Temporary, Relief, Seasonal work opportunities to the official recruitment process of the municipality.

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