Midvaal municipality issues three-month amnesty period for residents to report their own illegal met

MIDVAAL - The Midvaal Local Municipality has given an amnesty period to all its residents, businesses and industries to declare the tampering of all meters without being fined. Acting Municipal Manager, SM Mosidi, said in a notice that this will be valid for a period of three months from 23 May 2022 until 23 August 2022. Mosidi said manifestation of meter tampering includes bypassed meters, faulty meters, faulty keypads, unmetered supply, meters bought illegally from contractors or electricians, as well as illegally connected meters and stolen meters. He said this will present a golden opportunity to rectify wrongdoing, no questions asked, and the customer can afterward resume normal purchase and consumption of electricity. Mosidi said it should be noted that customers that were issued with tamper fines before and after this amnesty period will not qualify, only those that make a new submission during this period.

To register and amnesty, the customer must submit a copy of their rates and taxes account, meter number and a copy of their ID to 56 Rooibok Street Highbury/ Randvaal (Engineering Services) or via email at

PHOTO: (Midvaal Local Municipality)

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