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MLM reminds residents of the replacement of old electricity pre-paid meters.

MIDVAAL - The Midvaal Local Municipality reminded residents of the replacement of the old electricity pre-paid meters for TID compliance. MLM says this will be an ongoing project as all meters must be replaced by November 2024. Residents are requested to punch in all outstanding tokens before the replacement of the meter. MLM says meters are replaced for free, and no residents should pay any cost, however there are instances where the residents will have to re-arrange the wiring of electricity supply which might involve some cost. In such instances the affected property owner will be informed. The Midvaal Local Municipality have appointed the KEO group as the professional service provider to carry out the project. The appointed service provider personnel will require access to all properties affected. The KEO group personnel will be wearing clearly marked clothing or reflectors with identification, they will be in possession of an appointment letter from MLM and vehicles with the KEO group logo.

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