Motorists to see largest fuel price decreases on record

VAAL TRIANGLE - Motorists in the Vaal Triangle, as well as all other South Africans, will see the largest fuel price decreases on record at the end of March. According to the Automobile Association, the price drop will take effect on 01 April and is due to low oil demand as world economies suffer at the hands of the coronavirus. The expected price changes exclude the 16c increase in the fuel levy and 09c increase in the RAF levy. 93 Petrol will see a R2,05 per-liter decrease, while diesel will come down by R1,65 per-liter. Illuminating Paraffin will decrease by R1,98 per-liter. The AA added that the fuel price drops will provide relief to road haulage operators, and offset some of the economic damage resulting from the lockdown.

PHOTO: (Supplied)

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