Pensioner robbed of R13,000 after ATM scam in Meyerton

MEYERTON - An unsuspecting pensioner still does not know if he will be able to get any of the R13,000 back that was stolen from him during an ATM scam in Meyerton, Gauteng. Stoffel Reynders reportedly went to withdraw money at an ATM in the Meyerton City Centre just after 10:00 on Monday morning. Sedibeng Ster reports Reynders said the man in front of him in the queue stood to the side after using the ATM and when Reynders stepped forward to use the ATM, another man punched him from the side, stole his card and left. Reynders called the fraud department to stop his card, but the thieves already withdrew money from his account three times within a few minutes. After stopping the card, Reynders went to the bank where he was told they had withdrawn R13,000 from his account. Reynders said he did not understand how this could have happened as he had a card limit of R1,500. The bank reportedly took a statement from him and issued a reference number. It is still unclear if he will get some of the money back.

PHOTO: (Sedibeng Ster - Christiaan Cloete)

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