Pioneer ending production of Pecks Anchovette and Redro fish pastes

VAAL TRIANGLE - Pioneer Foods, the local distributor of Pecks and manufacturer of the South African equivalent Redro, has discontinued its lines of fish paste. This means Pecks Anchovette – and local rival Redro – are disappearing from South African shelves, and won’t be restocked anytime soon. According to a Pioneer spokesperson, the company chose to stop making the fish paste products towards the end of last year as part an "ongoing portfolio review". The spokesperson told Business Insider South Africa they communicated this to customers, stopped production and discontinued the sale of related items in December 2021. The company says people no longer have an appetite for minced fish preserved in a jar. Pecks may still find a way back into the country given its international footprint - but it's likely the end of the line for Redro.

PHOTO: (Business Insider)

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