Pioneer Foods to recall red grape Liqui Fruit after shards of glass found in cans

VAAL TRIANGLE - Pioneer Foods recalled its 330 ml cans of Liqui Fruit with red grape juice after glass fragments apparently ended up in these products. The National Consumer Commission said in a statement that Pioneer Foods had informed it of its intention to recall these cans of soft drinks. Acting Consumer Commissioner Thezi Mabuza said that although they had not yet received full notification of the recall guidelines, Pioneer Foods was still investigating the extent of the problem. The commission’s spokesperson Shezi Mabuza said the batch itself needs to have a specific best before by date which is the 2 and 3 April 2021. Mabuza said because it is a fast-moving good, they hastily wanted them to make sure that consumers are alerted and the product is removed from the distributors and stores.

PHOTO: (Twitter)

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